Solved Problems in Quantum Mechanics

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Leonardo Angelini 9783030184032 Springer 2019

This book is mainly dedicated to students preparing for the written exam of a Quantum Mechanics course. Consequently, this collection can also be very useful for teachers who have to propose problems to their students both in class and for exams. It is assumed that the contents of the course are substantially identical to those of a traditional course of Institutions of Theoretical Physics of the old systems of the degree course in Physics. In the new regulations, the same topics were, in general, spread over several courses. Like many other books on Quantum Mechanics problems, one should not expect a particular effort of novelty. The intent is to present problems that, in addition to probing the understanding of the subject and the ability to apply it concretely by the student, can be solved in a limited time and using the mathematical tools that are normally provided in the courses for the degree in Physics. This purpose is difficult to combine with a search for originality. You will then find problems that are also present in other books. The category of problems that can be solved in a reasonable time (and therefore adapt to the times of a written exam) is not the only criterion of choice adopted. Compared to other books you will not find for example the exercises that are normally present in the books of Quantum Mechanics such as the one-dimensional potential squares or the Stark effect and the fine structure. We preferred to write the solutions in some detail, eliminating only the steps easier. This is a bit of a pain for the writer, but it will certainly be useful for students. As in any other book, the problems have been grouped into chapters. In many cases the choice of attribution to a chapter can be considered arbitrary: many examination problems present problems that are transversal to the entire program. The obvious choice was to take into account the most characterizing questions.

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